This was the first project that I had ever taken on the role of compositor. I have operated shake for a few years doing CG builds of shader outputs. I put my hand up for the oppourtunity to have a go at doing some final composites. In total I worked on 8 shots, they were pretty similar in nature: TV Screen replacements and green spill supression The tools used were CFC's KeyLight, and shake's tracking functionality, with a little bit of PFTrack. The level of tolerance within a final composite is a lot less than producing CGI, I found a new level of respect for compositors working on this job. It was a fun project. The rest of the crew worked on set extensions and matte paitinging. The end result looks great and can be found on the long cut of the DVD around the newstand where the kid reads the Black Freighter
Start Date: 
November, 2008
End Date: 
December, 2008
Digital Compositor
VFX Supervisor : Dennis Jones
VFX Producer : John Dietz
Rising Sun Pictures
Warner Brothers