A Sound of Thunder

A Sound of Thunder is a movie based on a Ray Bradbury Story that they have created a time machine and have decided that the best use for it would be to kill Dinosaurs with laser rifles just before they are about to die of natural causes. Sounds plausible right? Anyway they upset the space time continum and everything goes bad until they fix it. This project was outsourced from VFXPC to cgCharacter initally just for a modelling/rigging service due to the quality of our muscle system It turned out that it was easier to seperate our muscle simulation as a side project, whereby animation was done in Maya, we imported the curves onto our rigs to drive the mesh Then rendering was being done in Lightwave so the cached meshes were shipped back as Motion Designer (MDD) files. There were two characters that the muscle simulation was done for: an Allosaurus and a Baboonlizard. Some effects around the Tar Pits were also taken care of at cgCharacter. I think we did in the order of 90 shots. The final renders were done in LA. It was a good introduction to VFX pipelines and learning on the fly.
Baboon Lizard
Start Date: 
March, 2004
End Date: 
November, 2004
Pipeline Development
Muscle Simulation
Fluid Simulation
VFX Supervisor :
CG Supervisor :
cgCharacter for VFXPC
Warner Brothers Pictures