I was working in the pipeline department during this period making improvements to the motion blur sampling pipeline. Also I made a tool to partion a single Alembic cache file into multiple parts based on a glob https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glob_(programming) string to match components within an Alembic archive to be excluded and included from the render. A PyQt4 interface was used to author the partitions and display the excluded and included portions in OpenGL via a modification of abcview https://github.com/alembic/abcview. The final result of the partion also needed to be realised by the Arnold renderer, via a procedural, which dumps the renderable shapes to the renderer if they are includes or not excluded. The tool has been stable since the forth release and has carried the workload for many shots since its creation. I was responsible for the proposal, the design and implementation. I was unable to obtain an onscreen credit.
Start Date: 
July, 2016
End Date: 
February, 2017
Lead Pipeline TD
Kevin Campbell, Pipeline Supervisor RSP
Rising Sun Pictures
20th Century Fox