Autodesk XSI

XSI was the second 3d package I have learned. I picked it up quickly to start a new job at Rising Sun Pictures. I have mostly specialised as a more technical user of this package. I have written scripts, scripted operators for, compiled C++ plugins. Even for the compositor, known as a UFO. So I know the SDK for Softimage fairly well. On user and operator side of things, its got a very solid modellor, rigging and deformation and pipeline. I have only ever played with the ICE, dynamics and particle engine once, but it was a great success. I get how it works pretty well. On the shading, lighting and rendering side of things I dont know the mental ray side at great depth, but the node based approach makes things very accessible. My experience with XSI for shading and lighting was using a Renderman translator called Affogato, written in house at Rising Sun Pictures and released as open source
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