Terminator Salvation

I cant say too much about the detail of this project as the film hasnt been released The work at Rising Sun was split over two offices. In Adelaide there was some heavy effects work and some pretty detailed lookdev, animation and lighting along with keeping compositing busy with some pretty indepth roto and colour correction work. My role was in getting the technology up and running and supporting the CG supervisor with technical demands. Once the pipeline was up and running I did some work on some volumetric Renderman shaders as well as for the lookdev. After the shaders were stable I worked on 16 shots doing lighting and volumetrics.
Start Date: 
January, 2009
End Date: 
April, 2009
Lighting TD
Technical Lead
CG Supervisor: Ben Pashke
VFX Supervisor : Sean Mattias
Producer : John Dietz
Rising Sun Pictures
Warner Brothers