Harry Potter 5 : The Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter the Order of the Phoenix is the fifth in the Harry Potter Series The work done at Rising Sun Pictures included set extension of Hogwarts Exterior, Grimwald Place, Hagrid's Hut and the Hall of Prophecys. There was a small package of work for a sequence at the end of the movie when Harry becomes possesed by Voldemort, this work was done by a small team in Adelaide. We attempted to track and render 3d elements to composite into Harry's Face. In the end it was done as an all comp trick as this was able to hit the mark faster. This was as our 3d pipeline was not reactive enough using XSI and Affogato with the experience we had in house. Using object tracking found on PF track would have made this process a lot easier, but the experience in hand tracking was valuable all the same.
Start Date: 
January, 2007
End Date: 
April, 2007
Lighting TD
Rising Sun Pictures
Warner Brothers