Messenger RNA expression of IGFII during gut disease


Extracting mRNA is difficult. As it is in small amounts and is unstable and will be broken down by enzymes found on skin and other enzymes found in tissue

The tissue needs to be snap frozen at the time of collection.

This was one of the other tasks: collecting tissue from colonoscopies.

I also helped out setting up a Molecular Biology lab from nothing which was a contrast to working at the University.

Because of this many central services such as centrifuges and autoclaving had to be borrowed from other departments.

I didnt produce any results in this project apart from a control from a large resection.

Extracting mRNA from a small biopsy proved too difficult

Start Date: 
February, 1993
End Date: 
December, 1994
Research Assistant
Dr Corey Hart
Dr Leanna Read
Child Health Research Institute
Gastroentorology Department at Womens and Children's Hospital