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I have dabbled with Maya since the 1.0 release on NT. Mostly using tutorials around for about 8 years, without using it on production. I was thrust into using it in 2007 where I switched the Renderman render pipeline at the Adelaide office of Rising Sun Pictures from XSI and Affogato to Maya and 3delight for Maya. So in three weeks I learned how to script, how the DAG nodes all fitted together and implement a new pipeline. For me Maya has been a Lighting and Rendering tool around a custom pipeline. Now that I have used it for a number of years I am coming back to the basic features, modeling, rigging and the within. The documentation is fairly complete, and it works in a pretty reproducible way so its quick to pick up how to add a new capability to Maya through tinkering. My experience with the SDK, has been the use of Mel and Python scripting, with a brief experience to the OpenMaya and C++ API.
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