3delight and 3delight for Maya

3delight is a Rendeman compliant REYES renderer. Its the only renderman renderer that I have used, so its by far the best. Compared to an in package scanline renderer or Mental Ray. You can get your work looking more photorealistic in less time if you know what you are doing. Simply rendering as a subdivision surface with displacement will get you a long way. Shading micropolygons rather than nasty faceted polygons just seems like the right thing to do. If you then marry that with a solid shading language, like renderman shading language. With good lookdevelopment and good lighting the sky is the limit. 3delight for Maya adds a decent GUI to make the 3delight renderer usable within a digital content creation package. I started using 3delight on Charlotte's Web in 2005. We had our own Renderman translator written in C++ for XSI, by Moritz Moellor. Since then it has been used on a number of shows. I was one of the artists that setup 3delight for Maya in the pipeline at RSP for The Seeker in 2007. This pipeline has been used ever since. The stuff works and make good stuff look great.
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