The Dragon Pearl

On this show I worked under the direction of Visual Effects Supervisor John Dietz for the Director Mario Andreacchio This was my first gig as a CG Supervisor which I shared with Ben Paschke. We were tasked with making a full CGI dragon in Maya to be put into a large number of shots. The schedule was pretty tight but the end result was pretty good. Things I helped out with personally were: transferring the scale groom from XSI Ice Tree export into Maya, setting up a shader for fur, scales and skin, including subsurface refinement. A caching system for the large amount of data associated with the fur and the scales. The project was finished on budget and on time and from what I have heard it is a pretty polished production!
Start Date: 
December, 2009
End Date: 
May, 2010
CG Supervisor
Lighting and Shading TD
RnD TD : Scales and Fur
VFX Supe: John Dietz
Rising Sun Pictures
Independant : Director , Mario Andreacchio